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What’s a blip?

A blip is your photo/video tied to a specific location on the map. From the map, select the (+) in the top right corner and start creating your blip.

How do I find friends on Blipd?

The Blipd universe really expands when you add friends to your network, so we’ve made it easy for you to search for friends using Blipd’s built-in search tool. Go to the Friend section of the menu to invite Facebook friends and people from your contacts, or if you know they are already on the app, just search for their name and send a friend request.

Who can see my blips?

You choose who sees each blip. When creating a blip, you choose whether to make a blip visible to the public (anyone can see it), to friends (only your friends on Blipd can see it) or to group members (only people in a specific group can see it)

Who can see me?

You are in control of who sees you. In the Privacy settings, you can turn off your visibility completely (so no one sees your location), share your location with friends only, share your location with members of the groups you belong to, or share with the public. In Privacy Settings, you’ll also have the ability to make your profile page visible only to friends.

How far away can I see a blip?

You can “access” the entire blip when you are within a half-mile of it. This means you can see the full photo, read the caption, “like” the blip, as well as comment on it. The little dots you see are all the blips within 5 miles of you, and you’ll get “access” when you are within a half-mile of them.

Some blips are small-range blips and can only be discovered if you are really close to them (within 160 feet/50 meters). The locations of these don’t show up as little dots, and you’ll only see the blip icon when you are close enough to view the blip content.

How do I use groups on Blipd?

After you create a group, invite your friends to join so they can see your group blips. You can share your location with other group members, and post updates or information to the group’s profile page. Your friends can invite you to join their groups so you’ll see the blips and posts they make.

Can I share the blips I create with other social media sites?

When you create a blip, you can share a preview of it on your Facebook and Twitter profiles. The entire blip is only accessible from within the app, so encourage your friends to join in on the fun and download Blipd for themselves!

Is Blipd private?

All Blipd privacy settings are easy to control and easy to understand, and we’ll continue to listen to our users to provide the best protection we can. We know privacy is a concern for people, and we want our users to feel confident that we will always be straightforward with our privacy policies and controls.

What information does Blipd collect about me?

The only personal information we collect about you is the information you provide to us during registration (your name, email address, and birthday [over 13 years old!]). We store the blips you create in order to make them visible to other users.

Will Blipd sell my personal information to third parties?

No, Blipd will not sell any of the personal information you provide.

Is Blipd secure?

Blipd data is encrypted and transmitted using secure connections.

What devices do you support?

Blipd currently supports iPhones and iPads using iOS Version 7.x or later

Is Blipd available internationally?

You can use Blipd anywhere in the world, as long as you have cell or Wi-Fi connection. English is the language currently supported.